Quickblog allows you to import blog posts from CSV and most importantly, Google Sheets!

To import blogs, you have to be on the Premium or Agency plan. If you want to add teams and don't currently have access, please upgrade using this link (when logged in): https://app.quickblog.co/changeplan.

Quickblog | Change Plan

You just need to use a publicly viewable Google Sheet to do so. Here's a link to a file that you can copy and use to import your blog posts in Google Sheets into Quickblog: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lB0zHpchd9ZNjUTHg3J8woiyg6Y75BAiQs4YIU9Gbf8/edit#gid=0

The fields that are needed (mandatory) to be completed for a successful import are:

- Title

- Content

All other fields are optional, although we highly recommend completing them to make sure your blog posts are as optimised (for SEO among other things) as possible. Additionally, there's no need for the Content to be in HTML, it's only if you want links and images to appear in the blog post automatically! This can also be in plain text.

Once you have your Google Sheet populated with your blog content, click on Share and make sure anyone on the internet with the link can be the file (public). Copy the URL and back in Quickblog, paste this URL to:

Settings -> Blog Settings -> Import Google Sheet

Google Sheet import to Quickblog

Then click the Import Google Sheet and Quickblog will import the blog posts in the background. Be sure to leave the window open until this has completed, otherwise it will fail! It could take a minute or two depending on the volume of blog posts you want to import.

When it's completed, then you can go to your Blog Posts and check that they've been imported successfully!

You can also watch the linked video below to see how it's done!

Importing blog posts from Google Sheets

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Diran George

Diran George