Using Quickblog on Vue and other JavaScript frameworks is extremely simple, and works across SSR, PWA, and statically generated implementations of Vue and others. The following example was built on Gridsome (A static site generator for Vue) and deployed on Vercel. 

Create a new page - for example blog.vue, paste in the following code.

The only change you need to make is to update the src to the value in settings -> blog settings within your Quickblog account.

Quickblog JS Framework Code

Depending on your specific framework, you may need to create a new route to the /blog page manually.

The code above does three things:

1. Inserts the Quickblog div

2. Embeds a reference to the Quickblog Javascript in the page

3. Sets a watcher to reload the page whenever there is a change in URL (Some frameworks may not require this). This is because Quickblog uses URL querystrings to load in the relevant article.

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Diran George

Diran George