How to setup Blog Post Comments

To enable Comments, you need to be on at least a Premium plan. Please go to upgrade your account if you want to enable comments!

Here's a video showing how to complete all of the steps below! Please bear in mind that the option has moved to the Integrations section.

1. Setting up Disqus

To set up your blog posts to enable comments, first you should sign up for a Disqus account. These are free and enable you to do things like comment moderation, enabling reactions, options for your readers to sign in to post comments and more! If you've already got a Disqus account, copy your site's Shortname and skip to "2. Adding your Shortname to Quickblog + enabling Comments". Otherwise, sign up using the link below:

Sign up for Disqus!

Once you've confirmed your signup, Disqus should ask you what you want to do with your account, select the "I want to install Disqus on my site" option.

Note: If you don't get this option, just click on this link: https://disqus.com/admin/create/

Install Disqus on my Site

Next, create a Site in Disqus by entering your Organization name, your Website URL and Category.

Tip: Click on the Customize your URL link to set your Website Name and Shortname. The Shortname is the important part and Quickblog needs this to integrate with Disqus. You'll need to make this unique and be sure to copy it or write it down somewhere!

Disqus - Create Site Settings

After, click the Create Site button below

Disqus - Create Site!

You can upgrade to a paid Disqus account if you would like to disable ads and enable a few more features, but if you want a free account, just scroll down to Basic and click the Subscribe button. If you want to control your site settings in Disqus (such as comment moderation, ad placement, comments policy, etc), go to https://www.disqus.com/admin, select your site from the menu and configure the settings on the left hand.

2. Adding your Shortname to Quickblog + enabling Comments

Now you've got your Shortname, adding it to Quickblog is easy as pie! Simply go to Integrations -> Disqus and add your Disqus Shortname in the field and press "Save Changes"

Add Disqus Shortname in Quickblog

Next, go to Settings -> Blog settings -> Layout Settings -> Quickblog Additional Settings and scroll to the bottom. Here, enable blog post comments and click "Save Changes"

Enable/Disable Comments

Finally, you can enable/disable comments individually in each blog post! Just go to the editor and be sure to enable comments when you want!