Quickblog's API:

Quickblog's API will allow you to:

  • Create, update and delete blog posts
  • Create, update and delete sub-accounts
  • Create, update and delete team and team users
  • Create, update and delete authors
  • Create, update and delete categories
  • Update your user details
  • Create, update and delete webhooks


Base URL: https://app.quickblog.co/api/v1/


For tech users, included in the following link are Collection and Environment template definitions to be imported for use in Postman (https://web.postman.co) for ease of testing integration: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BVJESvbllQSiGrlqARkJyJdlv6UTCIGi?usp=sharing.


  • Don't change any variables that are in double curly brackets: {{}}
  • Change all "value" variables with square brackets: []

How to use the API:

First go to your Quickblog dashboard, then Integrations on the side menu (https://app.quickblog.co/integrations), then select API and generate a new Token, API Key and API Secret Key, see the example below:

Quickblog - Generate Secret Key


  • Your token will be valid for 1 year after generation. If you generate a new token using the button, you'll need to update your endpoint API headers and/or Pabbly/Zapier/Integrately integrations to reflect this.

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Diran George

Diran George