How to use Webhooks

Webhooks trigger events to a web URL with the event details, allowing powerful, instantaneous integrations with multiple systems. Webhooks will send events from Quickblog when things happen, like blog posts, users, accounts or authors being created, and more. Here's a list of all events that are available:

  • Create post
  • Update post
  • Delete post
  • Create category
  • Update category
  • Delete category
  • Create author
  • Update author
  • Delete author
  • Create team
  • Update team
  • Delete team
  • User invited
  • Edit user invited
  • Accept user invite
  • Decline user invite
  • Create sub-account
  • Update sub-account
  • Delete sub-account

Create a new webhook subscription

Creating a webhook subscription is very simple. All you need are the event you want to use and the webhook endpoint URL that will receive the details when the event happens. Go to your Integrations page (paid plans) and click on the Webhook card:

Quickblog | Webhooks

Then click on the Create button:

Quickblog | Create Webhook

Enter a name for your webhook subscription, enter the webhook endpoint URL you want to receive the event details, select the event you want to trigger, tick the "Active" checkbox so that it's made live and then click the Create button below to save it. You'll also notice the subscription shows in the list with its "active" status:

Quickblog | Webhook Details

Quickblog | Webhook Listing

To edit the webhook subscription, just click on the 3 dots by the Action column: