Optimizing your blog posts for SEO

SEO for content is often regarded as a dark art, and it certainly can be when you don't have a structured plan. With Quickblog.co, I have many ideas on how to make this as easy as possible, and these tips will make building and optimizing blog post content a breeze! Features could include GPT-3 integration for title & keyword automation, research tips, intros, outlines, and more!

The SEO Scorer guides you through the best way to improve SEO. Use this everytime to make your content rank better! The Link Score is a feature we've recently added. Make sure to add at least one internal link (from your domain - this is good SEO) and be sure that only valid links are added! The link checker will let you know if the link is invalid. Please note that links that redirect will also show up as valid!

Quickblog | SEO Scorer

Additionally, these are the things you should look out for to optimize your blog content when creating it:

1. Header image added

Always add a Header image and give it a suitable ALT tag, with your main SEO keyword in the title towards the beginning of the title. Try to make this between 40 & 60 characters in total.