How to Use the Editor

Here you can see some general tips on using the Blog Editor and the Blog Settings to make your blog look how you want.

1. General Tips

The most important thing to follow when using Quickblog's editor is to not copy and paste text from another website or an online document, as this will typically contain CSS (nerd speak for styling code). When this happens, it will likely break the look of your content in the editor. The best thing to do is to use a site like https://www.striphtml.com to remove all of the styling and make your content plain text only. Follow this golden rule and you should get on with Quickblog like a house on fire! Also, if you have existing blog content, e.g. from Shopify or DropinBlog, why not import it using our RSS importer?

2. Image Sizes

You'll want to use images in a normal widescreen format for your blog post header images (16:9 ratio, e.g. 1920px wide, 1080px high), as Quickblog will default to using this display type for the blog post preview. You can also enable the "Zoom on Image Hover" effect in Blog Settings > Layout Settings > Additional Settings, as shown below:

Quickblog | Zoom Effect on Image Hover

3. Blog Preview Layout

You can change the number of lines of text that are shown on your blog preview by going to Blog Settings > Layout Settings > Additional Settings and enabling the option:

Quickblog | Preview Lines

4. Custom Styling & CSS Override

Sometimes Quickblog won't look like your website, because the website builder typically doesn't allow Quickblog to take its styling settings automatically (its CSS). Our Custom Styling and CSS Override features allow you to force the look of your blog so it looks how you want it to. You can configure the look and feel of your blog post text in the click-and-point Custom Styling section of your blog post. This makes it easy to choose your blog display settings without knowing any CSS.

Be sure to click the CSS Override, enable the toggle and select the Custom Styling button in the Editor afterwards, which means that regardless of your website's styling, your blog post will look like you want it to. When you've done this, only then will you be able to show a Preview of what your blog actually looks like. Until then, the button will be greyed.

Quickblog | CSS Override